África Tango / 1° Festival Internacional de Tango Maputo
África Tango / 1° Festival Internacional de Tango Maputo

Born from the encounter between various cultures of the world, Tango Argentino carries in its innards the rhythm of the drum. Seal of Africanity “claimed” in this dance that the earth starts and in it deposited its movements.

Tango … ritual of joy, sadness, friendship, passion, glamor, daring, sensation, bold affirmation of the deepest feelings of a people … of humanity !!!!

Today the world’s cultural heritage …. Tango … Mozambique is the scene of its expansion and identity, combining artistic, cultural and intellectual expressions consecrated in this art, perfect imitation of life.

Tango, an African heritage that, in addition to the whole world, also vibrates in the Mozambican spirit.

Lyliana Kamenova & Emiliano Fernández

Lyliana – Tango influenced my art by exploring the dynamics between stillness and movement, as well as the desire to create stories. I find the complexity and controversy of the human personality

Emiliano – To dance and to teach is to transmit all the love and respect I feel for Tango, a dance that has its own culture, structure and rules, and it is this culture that I belong to, Tango is my passion.

Lyliana Kamenova & Emiliano Fernández - África Tango / 1° Festival Internacional de Tango Maputo

Cinthya Tomino

Cinthya– To deepen the knowledge and the artistic enthusiasm for the tango, is the challenge of a course accumulating ten years of experience by the world, to transmit the passion and technique of the 2×4 rhythm. After visiting Europe, Asia and dancing in the best milongas and theaters of Buenos, Maputo is the new artistic bet.

Carlos Terraza

Carlos – It is my desire to be able to convey in the most organic way my journey in this wonderful dance. My embrace, my music my interpretation. these speak without speaking, this conversation between two bodies, with romanticism and energy.

Liana Marisa & Fulgêncio Samo - África Tango / 1° Festival Internacional de Tango Maputo

Liana Marisa  & Fulgêncio Samo

Liana – Audacity to try something new and different was the initial attraction of a dance transformed into addiction and passion, aiming the unattainable perfection of a contagious, promising and revealing dance.

Fulgêncio -From the passion for music comes my tango metamorphosed into rhythm, movement, spirituality and body expression of the deepest feelings of human infinity.

Frias Fumo & Carla Faria

Frias – From the deepest need for transformation and the purest of feelings comes Dance as the connecting language of humanity. Encounter of souls in a warm hug that leads to happiness.

Carla – When I dance, no one can judge me or stop me anymore. I’m free when I dance.

Frias Fumo - África Tango / 1° Festival Internacional de Tango Maputo

Orquestra Moz Tango

From the passion for music, joy and dynamism of the group, the MozTango Orchestra is born and nurtured. The first musical audacity specially dedicated to Argentine tango in Mozambique, bringing together musicians from various styles.

Member of the group: Ricardo Conceição (pianist), GeoffGallagher (pianist) Louis Franck (guitar player), Catarina Domingues (accordionist), Leandra Reis (vocalist), Regina dos Santos (vocalist) e Fulgêncio Samo (saxophonist)

Orquestra Moz Tango - África Tango / 1° Festival Internacional de Tango Maputo

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