África Tango / 1° Festival Internacional de Tango Maputo
África Tango / 1° Festival Internacional de Tango Maputo

Born from the encounter between various cultures of the world, Tango Argentino carries in its innards the rhythm of the drum. Seal of Africanity “claimed” in this dance that the earth starts and in it deposited its movements.

Tango … ritual of joy, sadness, friendship, passion, glamor, daring, sensation, bold affirmation of the deepest feelings of a people … of humanity !!!!

Today the world’s cultural heritage …. Tango … Mozambique is the scene of its expansion and identity, combining artistic, cultural and intellectual expressions consecrated in this art, perfect imitation of life.

Tango, an African heritage that, in addition to the whole world, also vibrates in the Mozambican spirit.

Lyliana Kamenova & Emiliano Fernández

Lyliana – Tango influenced my art by exploring the dynamics between stillness and movement, as well as the desire to create stories. I find the complexity and controversy of the human personality

Emiliano -To dance and to teach is to transmit all the love and respect I feel for Tango, a dance that has its own culture, structure and rules, and it is this culture that I belong to, Tango is my passion.

Sónia Sultuane

  • Mozambican Writer
  • Photograph by Paulo Alexandre

Dancing is a way to heal my body, my soul, my memory calls to youthfulness, and my freedom. Dancing liberates in me the sensibility and sensuality of my body, and I simply let myself be rocked by the rhythm of the movements. When I dance the tango I release all my senses, my lightness, my confidence and I also let myself be carried by others without fear, without fear, under the guard, I just let go. Tango is like a spell that robs me of body, soul, movement, it’s like I’m in deep trance.

Veronica Palacios & Omar Quiroga

Veronica Palacios & Omar Quiroga – Combination of unique style, inherited from the tango salon style, with a modern touch of Tango Fantasia. Graceful elegance, sensuality and personalized interpretation of different tango orchestras. Communication where the essence is not only the visual side of dance, but an intimate feeling inherited from the ancient milongueros. Veronica and Omar present and teach how to achieve a perfect complicity between the dance partners, allowing the dance partner to express their feelings in line with the leader. They also teach them how to have fun, respecting the distinctive style of each orchestra. Notable artists whose career has toured various festivals in Russia, Latvia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, France, Switzerland, Austria, England, Uruguay, China, Lebanon, United States, Canada. They played the main roles in the film “Tanguero”, an Italo-Argentine production. Also participated in the documentary “Milongueros”.

Liana Marisa  & Fulgêncio Samo

Liana – Audacity to try something new and different was the initial attraction of a dance transformed into addiction and passion, aiming the unattainable perfection of a contagious, promising and revealing dance.

Fulgêncio – From the passion for music comes my tango metamorphosed into rhythm, movement, spirituality and body expression of the deepest feelings of human infinity.

Frias Fumo & Maia

Frias -From the deepest need for transformation and the purest of feelings comes Dance as the connecting language of humanity. Encounter of souls in a warm hug that leads to happiness.

Maia -Passionate about dance since childhood, she discovered the magic of Tango embrace, coupled with its enthralling rhythm. Since then he has been betting on the improvement of his performance by participating in Milongas, international festivals and acting at events. It aims to contribute to the diffusion of Tango and dance in Mozambique, as it believes that this is one of the best therapies for personal and social well-being.

 Laura Andrade

  •  Mozambican Poet

Tango … sensuality, passion, sadness that transcended borders, embraced Africa, bringing with it the dimension of nostalgia, passion, melancholy, blending with local rhythms and providing a deep and universal culture. Tango … so familiar in our lands, harmonized in steps and sonorities in conjunction with local celebrations from different parts of the country.

From the passion for music, joy and dynamism of the group, the MozTango Orchestra is born and nurtured. The first musical audacity specially dedicated to Argentine tango in Mozambique, bringing together musicians from various styles.

Fulgêncio Samo (saxophonist)

Catarina Domingues (accordionist)

Leandra Reis (vocalist)

Ricardo Conceição (pianist)

Regina dos Santos (vocalist)

Louis Franck (guitar player)

70 USD

All workshops


135 USD

All activities


72 USD

Milongas &  Tango Gala



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